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Bed Way Grinding 

If your machine can't keep tolerance because of wear on bed ways, but still has a solid structure, do not rush to buy a new one.

Main reasons to restore your older/worn out machine.

  • The major price difference between new machine and rebuilding.
  • The machine will be installed back in the same place.
  • Operator familiarity with the machine.
  • Tolerance will be back as on a new machine.
  • Hard to get the same rigid machine. Newer machines usually do not offer the same solid casting as older machines.

Our Equipment

Stanko 7612 (Capacity)

  • Width: 1600mm
  • Height: 1400mm
  • Length: 6000mm
  • Weight: 30,000lbs


Q: How long will it take to grind the bed?
A: Grinding itself usually takes about a week, depends on bed size. After grinding, carriage needs to scrape to fit new bed ways profile, and often we need to apply tur-cite material on the bottom of the carriage to compensate height. The usual rebuild will take 3 - 6 weeks.
Q: How much grinding/rebuilding cost?
A: Bedway grinding varies from $600 to $1500/linear foot depend on wear and complicity. Smaller and simple manual machine average price to rebuild is about $15,000. Medium size CNC flatbed lathe from $35,000. Please contact us for a quote.