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SMTCL 26 x 80

  • Bore: 4 inch
  • DRO: 2 Axis
  • Chuck: 13" - 3 Jaw Master
  • Follow & Steady Rest Included

Made In Canada

Smart Lathe Series

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Kingston HD-2690 Manual Lathe
SMTCL CA6266C 26 x 80 Manual Lathe - Stan Canada

Moving & Rigging

  • Industrial complete solution
  • 1 hour minimum charge only

Repair & Maintenance

  • On-site service repair
  • Preventative maintenance

Electrical Services

  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Installation & rewiring

Rebuilding & Upgrades

  • Retrofits & Remanufacturing
  • Mechanical & Electronics

A New Generation Lathe

Smart Lathe

Elevate your productivity and efficiency. Use auto-cycle turning OD, ID, threading, & taper. No G-code learning required.

Optional accessories & customization.
Available swings: 20", 24", 32"

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YUWE TM250 (1 Phase)

1 Phase 220V Manual Mill with 3HP Motor
Available in 40 Taper or R8

Optional Accessories:
1. Clamping Kit
2. Dividing Head
3. Collet Set

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Complete Solution

Industrial Moving & Rigging

We have a complete solution for equipment moving & rigging. Single source from uninstallation, moving, bolting, leveling, & electrical.

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