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Parts & Service

  • Stan Canada’s technical service personnel are highly proficient in the industry, bringing skills, knowledge, and experience that comprise many years of hands-on learning only gained in the production of the machines and out in the field meeting every-day challenges. Our spare parts department covers small to medium parts and a large storage section in our plant for required replacement parts such as shafts, large motors and gears, and other large accessories such as steady rests, chucks, etc. 

Lubrication Systems

  • LHL Systems - the stick-slip phenomenon can cause tool damage and reduction in tool process and precision. LHL X-100 inhibits the occurrence of this phenomenon as it's fluctuation ranges its static friction and dynamic friction coefficients are low and have small absolute values at all speeds. The LHL system provides a significant boost to the maintenance of machine tool performance and the stability of machine functions.
  • Grease Systems - Lube Global's grease systems include battery-operated kits, positive displacement injectors for small-medium machines, multi-port centralized lubrication systems, a series progressive system for small-large machines and PDI and Series progressive metering valve systems for small-medium machines. Lube original grease is also available and has excellent shear stability, wear resistance and oxidation stability. Lube Original Grease is also water-resistant with rust preventive properties.
  • Oil Systems - Lube Global's oil systems include positive displacement injectors for large machines, single-line resistance compact systems for small machines (intermittent and continuous delivery) and single line resistance junctions for installing both flow and control units. Accessories and Reservoirs from 0.2 to 8L also available.


  • We offer an extensive preventative maintenance program for all of our clients. We also work on Electrical Services and Mechanical Upgrades for all after-market machining equipment.