Breton NC300 K26 EVO

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Brand: Bretton
Model: NC300 K26 EVO

Dimensions of the work table (length x width): 147.7x88.2
X-axis travel: 149.6"
Y-axis travel: 90.5"
Z-axis travel: 11.8"
Tool max. diameter: 5.5"
Tool max. length: 9.4"
Spindle power: 20.1"
Tool-holding cones: ISO40
Spindle rotation speed; 0÷12.000ipm
X-axis displacement speed: 0÷1.970ipm
Y-axis displacement speed: 0÷1.970ipm
Z-axis displacement speed: 0÷787ipm
Linear tool-store capacity: 13+13 tools
Overall dimensions: length - width – height: 263.8"x155.5"x100.4"
Water requirement 5.3/10.6 gal/min
Average level of equivalent sound pressure: 75dB

The machine is connected to power and can be tested upon request