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CAMPRO PV-5221 Double Column

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PV Series Main Characteristics

  • High Accuracy and High Rigidity
  • 25 hp, 6,000 rpm Japanese made Gear-head Spindle
  • 34 hp, 10,000 rpm Built-in Motor Spindle (Optional)
  • Single unit (monobloc) bridge
  • Largest 32-tools ATC system as standard
  • Dual built-in casting chip screw removal system with chip conveyor
  • Roller type linear guideways on X-axes and Y-axes

Environmental Design Concept

  • Automatic lubrication unit with intelligent pressure failure detection function provides reliable lubricator supply for cost-saving
  • Big coolant tank with high pressure pump provide the most efficient coolant circulation
  • All axis lubrication oil is kept away from the coolant which can extend coolant oil life for environmental protection
Specifications PV-5221
X axis travel 204.72” (5200MM)
Y axis travel 82.68” (2100MM)
Z axis travel 31.49” (1000MM)
Table loading area 196.85 x 66.93” (5000x1700MM)
Allowable table load 26,455 lbs (12,000kg)
Table T Slots – (W x # slots) 22 x 9 (0.86X9MM)
Spindle nose to table surface 9.84” – 49.21”
Distance between Columns 68.89” (1,750 MM)
Spindle speed 6,000 RPM
Spindle Power Output (cont/max.) (max 30 min.) 25HP (15 /1 8.5)
Spindle torque (max 30 min) 384 FT-LBS (521 Nm.)
Spindle Driving Method Gear Type
Automatic Tool Changer:
ATC Type Twin Arm Type
Number of Tools 32
Tool Shank CAT 50 BIG PLUS
Max. Tool Dia. 4.92” (125 MM)
Max. Tool Length 17.38” (350MM)
Max. Tool Weight 44 lbs. (20 KG)
Tool Selection Method Random Bi-Directional
Tool Change Time TOOL-TOOL 3.5 sec
Tool Change Time CHIP-CHIP 7 sec
Rapid Traverse X, Y, Z 10 / 12 / 12 (393.7 / 472.44 / 472.44ipm)
Cutting feed rate 314.96 ipm
Slide Type X Y LM Guide, Box on Z
Least command increment .001mm
Positioning accuracy +/- .00020" (full stroke)
Repeatability +/- .00008"
Tank Capacity:
Coolant Tank Gallons
Lubricating Tank Gallons
Hydraulic Tank Gallons
Floor Space Required (L X W) 503.94 x 196.85” (12,800x5000MM)
Height 165.35” (4200MM)
Machine Weight 92,594 lbs (42,000 kg)
Standard Power Source Requirement – Fanuc 205-235 V / 3 Phase/60HZ
Power Capacity 105 AMPS (40 KVA)
Minimum Air Supply 85 – 115 PSI (3/8 ID Air Hose)

Base Structure

  • Extra heavy load recirculating roller linear guideway on X-axis and Y-axis
  • Fast rapid feed rate on X-axis and Y-axis are 20 m/min, and Z-axis is 16 m/min
  • Automatic lubrication to the sliding points
  • Final laser inspection and ball bar testing ensure repeatability and positioning accuracy
  • Linear scales for high precision feedback system (Optional)