STANKO 7D430 Slotter



Stanko 7D430


Stroke length, 120-320 mm

Distance from the table to the bottom end of the cutter, 500 mm

The distance from the outer surface of the cutting head to bed (departure), 615 mm

The distance from the lower end of the cutter to the table, 10x580 mm

The height of the workpiece, mm:

during processing of the outer surface 500

the processing of the inner surface 250

The largest angle of the cutter, hail 10 degrees

Working stroke speed, m / min 3-38

Table feed per double stroke cutter

longitudinal, 0.1-2.5 mm

transverse, 0.1-2.5 mm

circular, 0,1-1,4 °

Rapid traverse table

longitudinal m / min 2.8

cross, m / min 2.8

circular, min-1 4.5

The diameter of the table surface, mm 770

The maximum travel of table

longitudinal mm 650

cross, 510 mm

circular, hail 360o

Overall dimensions 2850x2160x3010

Weight 5660 kg


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