Stanko 1600


Stanko 2" capacity Radial Arm Drill


Main Features


  • Made with high strength casting, heat treated with the latest technology, and age-cured.
  • Hardened and ground alloy steel ways.
  • Nitrogen-treated spindle for long durability.
  • High precision gears ground with Swiss technology for quiet operation.
  • Hydraulic speed and feed pre-selection.
  • Hydraulic clamping allows selection of arm or headstock or both to be clamped.
  • Wide range of feeds and speeds.
  • Controls on the headstock arranged for efficient operation.
  • High quality paint finish.
  • Coolant System
  • Work Lamp
  • Box Table 500 mm. x 630 mm. x 500 mm.






Drilling capacity for steel, mm 50
Spindle taper
Max Distance Between Spindle Axis and Column
1600 mm.
Min. Distance Between Spindle Axis and Column
350 mm.
Max. Distance from Spindle Nose to Base Plate
1220 mm.
Min. Distance from Spindle Nose to Base Plate
320 mm.
Spindle Travel
315 mm.
Spindle Taper Morse 5
Range of Spindle Speeds
25-2000 rpm
Number of Spindle Speeds
Range of Spindle Feeds
0.04 – 3.20 mm. per rev.
Number of Spindle Feeds
Travel of Spindle Head along Arm
 1250 mm.
Power of Main Motor 4 kW
Net Weight of Machine 3500 kg.
Overall Dimensions of Machine L x W x H arm raised 2500mm. x 1070 mm. x 2840 mm.


Price: $24,000.00USD