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SMTCL S1-245B Hollow Spindle Lathe



SMTCL S1-245B 9,4" Bore 


Outstanding Features and Description:


This machine is designed for the cutting of metric and inch system threads, both straight and tapered, both internal and external. It can also be used for conventional turning, boring, and also for both internal and external tapers. It is well-suited to the processing and repairing of drill string, drill collar, coupling and casing pipe in the oil industry, chemical industry, hydraulic industry, hydroelectric industry, and geological industry.


It is especially suited for the machining and the repairing of steel pipe.


While a manual machine, it incorporates a powered scroll closure of both chucks, each in its turn, while permitting manual fine adjustment of each two-piece jaw by the operator for exact centering of the part. Double-chucks permit the passing-through of long pipe lengths, eliminating the need for long bed length to accommodate larger parts.


Complete specification:


Outer Diameter of Pipe Accommodated

60-219 mm.

2.36-8.62 in.

Maximum Length of Turning (Saddle Travel)

1000 or 1500 mm.

39.37 – 59 in.

Maximum Center Distance with Tailstock

1000 or 1500 mm.

39.37 – 59 in.

Spindle Center Height from Guide-way Surface

400 mm.

15.75 in.

Max. cutting dia. Over cross slide

508 mm.


Height of Spindle Center to Floor

1100 mm.

43.3 in.

Diameter of Spindle Bore

240 mm.

9.4 in.

Number of Spindle Speeds



Range of Spindle Speeds

8 – 306 RPM

8-306 RPM

Number of Longitudinal and Cross Feeds



Range of Longitudinal Feed

0.095 – 1.44 mm/r

.0089-.057 ipr.

Range of Cross Feed

0.095 – 1.44 mm/r

.0089-.057 ipr.

Range of Whitworth Threads

1 – 14 TPI


Range of Metric Threads

1 – 15 mm.


Range of Module Threads

0.5 – 7.5 mm.


Range of Diametral Pitch Threads

28 – 2 TPI


Spindle Center to Tool Bearing Surface

33 mm.


Cross Section of Largest Tool Shank Possible

32 x 32 mm.


Swing Angle of Mid Slide

+/- 90 Deg.


Maximum Cross Travel of Lower Slide

300 mm.

11.8 in.

Maximum Travel of Top Slide

200 mm.

7.84 in.

Rapid Traverse of Tool Post

4 m/min.

157 ipm.

Maximum Length of Taper Possible

500 mm.

19.6 in.

Maximum Cross Travel of Tool Post

100 mm.

3.94 in.

Diameter of Center Quill

100 mm.

3.94 in.

Travel of Tailstock Quill

250 mm.

9.84 in.

Taper of Tailstock Quill

MT 5

MT 5

Lateral Movement of Tailstock

+- 15 mm.

+-0.59 in.

Power of Main Motor

18.5 kW

25 HP

Speed of Main Motor

1500 RPM 60 Hz.

1500 RPM

Overall Dimensions: L x W x H

3882.5 (4190) x 1908 (1974) x 1500 mm.

153 (165) x 75 (77) x 59 in.

Machine Weight

7876 (8500) kg.

17263 (18740) lb.



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