12.6” Bore Stanko semi-automatic lathe



12.6” Bore Stanko semi-automatic lathe


1A983 pipe-threading machine designedfor turning parts of pipe and pipe connections (tubing, drill pipe)used for the production and transportation of oil and natural gas.

Machines can be used for a variety of turning operations,including turning the cones and threading: metric, modular, pitch andtool joints.

The machine is equipped with two motorized four-jaw chuck diameterof 720mm/28”.

The machines has automatic threading cycle.

High drive power and rigidity of the machine, a wide range ofspindle speeds and feeds allow full use of the advanced tools forprocessing different materials.


32.6" swing

80" center distance

12.6" spindle bore

16" chuck

28” dual powered chucks withindividualy adjustable jaws

Semi-Automatic threading cycles

Taper attachment


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